Branded Apparel

Quality styles with the freshest decoration techniques.

From the classics to the newest trends, we offer the highest quality apparel sourced from the top selling retail brands. We match comfort with style and guide our clients to the best fit for their project. Looking to get break free from the status quo? We offer a large menu of decoration techniques from classic screen printing to embroidery, laser etching, and heat transfers. We even offer HiDefinition (full color) screen printing, Dye Sublimation, and Mixed Media applications for those looking to challenge their creativity and step outside of traditional decoration.


What We Do

A contemporary decorator with a twist. We provide our clients:

  • Full-service apparel sourcing
  • A large menu of classic and state-of-the-art decoration techniques
  • Design consultation to full on project design and artwork ideation
  • Top of the line production facilities
  • Storage, fulfillment, and ecommerce distribution capabilities


Core Decoration Menu

HiDefinition Screen Printing – At 120lpi, this full color technique offers the highest quality and detail for screen-printed designs. HiDef allows photorealistic images to be printed directly onto garments, a perfect choice for photography, gradients, and other complex applications. There is no higher quality screen printing method on the market today.


Screen Printing - Our traditional Spot Color and four-color process techniques offer a high-quality decoration while providing you a cost-effective way to print your design. Some of the hottest retail looks are produced using a combination of spot colors with unique logo placements.


Embroidery – Precision-engineered production allows for exceptional detail with a classic, high-end look. The popular choice for customizing polo shirts, lab coats, and other quality corporate apparel.


Laser Etching – We use a state-of-the-art laser to burn your logo into the fabric of your wearables. Zero added weight, clean, and classy; laser etching is a subtle technique and a fantastic way to get a unique look outside of the traditional decoration processes.


Heat Transfer – Allows for detailed designs with vivid colors. We generate durable plastisol and vinyl carriers that (through heat and pressure) transfer your decoration directly to the garment. Heat Transfers are perfect for performance wear and print-on-demand ecommerce programs.


Dye Sublimation – A decoration process using extreme heat and pressure to fully bond designs to fabric. Dye Sublimation is perfect for all-over garment printing in addition to complex / vibrant color designs. Dye Sublimation is great for racing jerseys, athletic apparel, and generally fresh looks from a truly blank canvas.


Deboss – Ideal for waterproof and other technical fabrics. The deboss technique involves a custom die that is heat pressed into the garment material. Deboss offers a 3D look and can be applied to virtually any garment location.


Mixed Media – The cleverest see opportunities in mixing a variety of decoration techniques to create a truly one-of-a-kind wearable. When one decoration technique doesn’t fit all, mixed media provides a truly unique combination of design, style, and application.


The hottest trend today is the use of unique decoration locations to generate fashion forward clothing that doesn’t look like the corporate apparel of 20 years ago. The boundaries of t-shirt design have been shattered and nearly anything is now a possibility. Contact O’Brien to experience the best in custom apparel. From custom shirts, fitness apparel, polo shirts, and employee uniforms; we have you your cohesive brand experience covered.


Check out our Decoration 101 guides and leverage our unique print locations to add the wow factor your brand deserves.

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