Exposure Gained for a New EEH Location

A Unique Attraction Gains Exposure for a New EEH Location

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EEH is a two-hospital system with over 80 networked locations throughout the Midwest. With a new location set to open in Summer, EEH sought to engage the local community during their weekly live concert series. O’Brien was engaged to design an exhibit space in addition to developing relevant handouts for concert attendees. 


O’Brien worked with EEH to develop a one of a kind outdoor tent structure complete with custom back wall and side paneling. With O’Brien’s creative support and intimate brand knowledge, the process was nearly 100% outsourced and completed with minimal client input (minus final approvals of course). EEH used the tent structure as a “home base” during the event and provided 12 “immediate use” collateral concepts to hand out during the shows. All items could be used during the shows and would add value to the experience overall. 


O’Brien produced raffle tickets and high-end products to assist in the “draw” to EEH’s outdoor exhibit. Throughout the 10-week program, EEH brought in a staggering number of visitors and launched their new location with a substantial first week turnout. The project was another big success for both EEH and O’Brien, and is just one of hundreds of successful engagements throughout this partnership.


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