ABC Health Tradeshow Exhibit

ABC Engages Trade Show Traffic with a One of a Kind Exhibit Space

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ABC provides proprietary programs focusing on improving patient care and enhancing physician practice efficiency. With several unique health products and ancillary programs, ABC provides a niche menu of solutions leading to increased practice performance and effectiveness. 


After supporting ABC with a general trade show display, a larger – more robust – exhibit was needed to mirror the growth of the organization. O’Brien served as a consultant in identifying ABC’s needs, goals, and ultimate objective for their upcoming shows. As part of the process, O’Brien’s creative team was brought in to develop a one of a kind 10’ x 10’ exhibit space (packed with pull up banners, table displays, and a massive s-curve back wall with built in tv display). 


Multiple exhibit spaces were drafted and then brought to life with O’Brien’s exceptional graphic design. Each piece served a specific purpose and was set to a specific area of the exhibit to maximize exposure and impact. Ultimately, O’Brien provided significant recommendations on how to attract, retain, and engage exhibit visitors (utilizing the space as an inviting environment to have a relaxed conversation). The process led to a natural queuing mechanism whereby sales representatives could direct visitor attention to various displays and video while speaking one on one with their prospects. 


The exhibit (which is used for multiple shows) has been a hit. Components are interchangeable and the display itself can be expanded or contracted as necessary. What’s more, all components were made locally in the USA with a built-in lifetime warranty.


Industries served: Healthcare

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