BGE Drives Performance

BGE Drives Performance Through a Company Store

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BGE is a leader in the power transmission manufacturing industry with a strong legacy of providing quality products and innovation solutions through exceptional engineering capabilities. After years of ordering promotional items and branded apparel on-demand for sales representatives, BGE engaged O’Brien to develop a custom company store for all future collateral needs. 


O’Brien worked with the BGE team to select high quality goods with exceptional decorations. The pieces were then ordered in bulk to reduce cost and are stored at O’Brien, ready to be picked and shipped on-demand. The BGE company store includes hard goods (like tumblers and pens) in addition to custom apparel – all designed to help their sales reps truly shine. BGE representatives are given a credit for the store to ensure that they have the best branded products available for any new call. Sales, therefore, have become easier for this confident sales team with exceptional gifting collateral. 


The store allows BGE to focus on other priorities while O’Brien manages inventory, order requests, distribution, and customer service. The store has been an excellent addition to the organization and helps sales representatives make the most of the brand when working with clients in the field.


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