Memorable with Executive Gifts

Healthcare System Cooks Up Something Memorable with Executive Gifts

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ABC Healthcare system’s marketing department was looking for a gift for their Board of Directors Retreat that brought to life the success of the system. They wanted something that created an experience not only through the gift itself, but also through the packaging and delivery of the final piece to the recipient.


O’Brien created a 3-tier barbecue set that would provide the ultimate cooking experience - an experience that would be sure to create a lasting impression with the executive board. The gift set began with a velvet lined metal box filled with high end grill accessories as the base. The middle tier of the set included an apron complete with bottle opener, beverage holder, and heat reduction mitt. The top tier included a fully customized four bottle spice set from a local spice producer - the fragrant spices immediately grabbed the attention of anyone walking by the gift sets. O’Brien finished off the experience by foil gift wrapping each tier separately, ribbon wrapping them into one luxurious piece, and topping the set with perfectly hand-crafted decorative bows.


The marketing team that planned the event for the Board of Directors received rave reviews from the executives and CEO. Instead of doing the obvious and purchasing a gift card, the marketing team leaned on O’Brien to inspire something bigger - they created a memorable user experience by reflecting the feel of their brand and the recipient appreciation behind the gift set. The marketing team worked off O’Brien’s initial culinary concept for additional retreat gifts to expand on the culinary experience concept. Many of the gift recipients also extended business to the local spice shop for refills and additional spices to continue the experience.


Industries served: Healthcare/Hospital System

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