HQS Platform Launch Engagement

HQS Drives Engagement with Platform Launch

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HQS is a 4-hospital system that provides integrated, patient-centered care to the American Northeast. To communicate the launch of their new internal communications platform, O’Brien was engaged to drive participation and maximize platform traffic postlaunch. O’Brien’s solution was to generate scratch off cards and post-it pads with key information along with incentives and calls to action to boost participation. 


The scratch cards were generated with three tiers of potential winners. While top tiers received unique gifts and benefits from the system, the lower tiers still received something (albeit simpler) to maximize visit opportunities. O’Brien packaged the resulting tickets into smaller groups and drop shipped individual packs to specific departments at each hospital location. 


The promotion held several benefits including a tactile (scratch and win) experience in addition to incentivizing a visit to the site. The post-it pads included a unique top-sheet to promote the platform with generic “reminder” sheets below to keep the site top of mind. The platform launch was a success and drew a significant portion of the system’s population on day one. Subsequent town hall meetings in conjunction with promotional efforts provided HQS with a truly smooth transition to the new platform.


Industries Served: Healthcare/Hospital System

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