TRS Multi-Dimensional Communication

TRS Makes Connections with Multi-Dimensional Communication

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TRS is a supply and equipment distributor for commercial kitchens across the united States. As part of their communications and prospect outreach, an “out of the box” solution was required to draw prospect attention on the unique selling points of the organization. O’Brien was engaged to create a direct mail piece that would “connect TRS to prospects in an interactive way”. 


O’Brien’s solution was to generate a lightweight 3D puzzle that would ship flat and could be assembled by recipients. The puzzle included copy regarding TRS’s core values, purpose, and unique selling proposition. Once constructed, the resulting piece formed TRS’s logo and communicated the organizations “dimensions” with regards to their service and product lines. 


The dimensional mailer was a hit and received accolades by prospects receiving the piece. The mailer generated a great first impression and opened lines of communication with prospects that could never be achieved with traditional advertising efforts. The solution was so impactful that O’Brien was asked to reformat the concept for TRS new hires. The resulting acrylic puzzle served as an engaging way to learn and experience what makes TRS truly unique and special; each piece representing a special piece of the TRS puzzle.


Industries Served: Distribution, Restaurant Supply

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