Sponsored Heart Walk

XYZ University Sponsored Heart Walk

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XYZ university is a Chicago-based healthcare university that was sponsoring a heart walk promoting healthy eating to the students, one of the American Heart Association “Life’s Simple 7.” O’Brien proposed a salad kit, called the “Stay fit kit,” which included the design, production, and fulfillment of both print and promotional items. The kit contained a portable salad container, a recipe card for Thai Chicken Salad, and tips to get students started on a healthier lifestyle.


This promotion featured a deluxe salad kit, complete with a freezable gel tray to keep the salad, toppings, and dressing cold. The piece also shared a 4-cup salad bowl with a freezer and gel veggie tray. O’Brien designed and produced a full color recipe card/ educational piece to accent the gift. Finally, O’Brien hand inserted the cards into the salad kits, repackaged the items, and shipped the completed project to XYZ for distribution.


XYZ university’s feedback was that the students used the salad kits on a regular basis and many reported making and enjoying the provided recipe. The project created a lasting experience for the students, promoted healthy eating, and kept XYZ university’s project within budget. The education market is very competitive, but O’Brien stood out by proposing a unique, one of a kind concept with a personal touch.


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